About Us

Create a Stronger Music Community Through Cooperation

We are a group of skilled industry musicians who congregate to create a thriving musical arts scene. There are numerous challenges for music artists to reach their goals. By pooling our resources, we as a musical community can come together to help each other achieve success in the music industry. We need all kinds of people with varying skill sets that can take an artist from the basement to the stage.

To create an effective force, we need people from different backgrounds which include:

  • musicians of all types
  • marketing specialists
  • accountants
  • recording engineers
  • photographers and video experts
  • graphic designers
  • live sound engineers
  • food industry people
  • agents
  • venue owners

With a diverse group of people on their side, musicians will be able to create perform and sell their music with the backing of a caring community. If you are interested in becoming a team member, please contact us.